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Laughter could be heard around the arena. Some words, when spoken by someone else, would bring discontentment. However, this was Jondi Lilick, the super genius of Manalasuo.


This was destined to be a sleepless night for a lot of people. In the far away Earth, Ares College has no intention of sleeping. The academy was celebrating wildly. They wanted to celebrate all night, waiting for the arrival of the big match.


It really is unimaginable. Against Ability X that is one level lower, Achilles managed to overwhelm his opponent using physical techniques. In that last attack, the spear managed to strike the Knight of the Holy Light, which was hiding in the void. It is simply unbelievable!


The energy beams blasted past continuously. The Knight of Holy Light rotated rapidly, avoiding the approaching energy beams. The Maya’s Mantis was not good with melee. However, everyone knew that the Mayan Mantis had an invincible attack. If the distance was too far, it would not be as effective. If it was close enough, the attack could be released easily. Nonetheless, the Knight of the Holy Light did not seem to have a scruple.


Lin Feng, captain of the Sword Shield Rose battle team. He did the Royal College proud. Peak 78, Tenacity 85, Connectivity 80.


He did not have a lot of thoughts. So long as he completed his mission, Lin Feng could not be bothered to interfere with such matters. After all, it was his own business as to how he performed. Unlike the Arbiters, the Aslan people were not as restrictive and without temperament.

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Wang Zheng faintly wrinkled his brows. This matter was a bit strange. Where did Lear discover these “new people?” They were definitely assertive. They were such low-profile people in Elite Academy X, but had become so great all of a sudden.


The power from Wang Zheng’s palm was astounding. He could actually break his knife aura. But Qiankun Zadeh was not surprised.


The Fighting Spirit suddenly shook. The five elements of Ability X metal, wood, water, fire, and earth, emerged continuously from the mech. Although the abilities were changing, the earlier power did not disappear. In a mere few seconds, five gigantic powers were formed and hovered in the sky. Powers of the five elements???


“And you believe that? Even if that fatty has some lethal tactic, his opponent is Mars. In the whole of the Elite Academy X, besides Wang Zheng, he was at the top. If this fatty can win, I will run around nude.”


Its a forbidden power only the Heaven-rank fighters can control. There was some bitterness in his mouth.


Jondi Lilick was naturally given an opportunity to fully unleash his strength under such circumstances. Like the Yangtze River, the Thunder Rifle was strong and stable. Although it was not an ancient martial art, it had the same effect, and with the same methodology. The understanding of the intrinsic essence was a natural process at Jondi Lilick’s state.


Kashawen left, leaving Aina pondering alone. Bringing Aina out was to prevent her from running away. She had been running for a long time now, but she could not hide forever.



But when he had absorbed Mars’ strength from Luo Fei, the domineering power of the Heavenly Overlord Attack supplemented Lear’s lack of strength. The Aries Art was a fervent technique of the balance of the five elements. However, Lear always came out a little short, and this was insufficient to achieve through his own practice. He did not possess this dominance, but it was all but made up when Lear absorbed Mars’ dominance.



The source of the power was flowing entirely from Wang Zhengs body. In terms of the confrontation of spiritual power, B-level could never confront A-level. Hence it was simply impossible to use Atlantis Runic Matrices to suppress it. However, Wang Zheng could absorb the forces and unleash them using his own minor five elements!


Growling… the Storm Swordsman returned to normal. The alloy sword opened up in a defensive posture allowing González to attack?


On the ground, the six Rune Warriors stood still. Their spiritual powers had all disappeared and they could not feel any ripples from the original sources. The sky reverted to normalcy and looked clearer.

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