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The battle of the titans had already emerged. Any attack would basically be thwarted when confronted with this rune technique. The power of the runes displayed by the strength of Heracles could only be stopped by an Earth-rank warrior. It took Wang Zheng and his mech – the Annihilator – a great deal of effort to stop Heracles. Furthermore, it was because the Annihilator had better displacement, as well as the superiority of Wang Zheng’s Ability X.


Instantly, the two titanium blades interlocked together. There was no defence and the scouts had no way of retreating. They had to rely on nimble and flexible martial arts and sharp attacks!


Destroying Aslan’s plans would also be in accordance to Luo Er’s needs, it would just be up to whether the Saruman Snake battle team could make it to the top.


Having graduated, Dendi was already the captain of Manalasuos special forces. He was sitting in front of the live broadcast. Beside him were his team members. The mighty warriors of Manalasuo.


Just then, the Sun God Battle Crystal began to dim. It was common knowledge that the Mayans mechs were bright and shiny. The brighter it was, the stronger it was. But the sudden differences were really odd.


As for Wang Zheng’s Earth-rank trait ability, even though it had yet to be revealed, Lear did not think that he had deliberately concealed it. It should be because the relationship between the Five Elements had not responded. The so-called trait ability would mostly manifest under circumstances where there was extreme concentration. Wang Zheng’s desire for the Five Elements would cost him dearly!

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The strengths of the five members of the Fire Bear battle team were the same as that of Ai Zhengyang’s team. During the SIG stage, the victory of the team battle usually laid with the captain. If they did not have at least an Earth-rank level two, they were destined not to be able to advance very far.


Mars adjusted his breathing. Another round of attack and this would end. This Luo Fei was not bad, it was just a pity that he was too soft and immature. With his left arm gone, it meant that the defense Luo Fei specialized in was also gone. The key part was that it also largely affected the mech’s balance. Mecha were like the human body – the arms were not the important part, but if the opposition was overly intense, it could cause a chain reaction.


The third person is Qian Yunzhuo. The physical techniques expert of Sword Shield Rose!


In the stands, Aina was already in tears. For a woman, there was nothing happier than a declaration of love


Egas attacked the runic mech immediately. Ergas could still control the direction of his mech in mid air. The Atlantean mech was changing constantly, but it was very swift too!


Everyone in the Knight of the Lights arena was dumbfounded and speechless. Were these two even human???


The people from the Moon were unsure. Regardless of the outcome, they were certain that Achilles would never give up easily. He would make it a spectacular match.



Seeing Wang Zheng’s smile, there was a wrenching in Huiyin’s heart. Her eyes were red. She was clear that it had been a mutual interest, not a crush.



Wang Zheng’s Phantom King turned and appeared in the center block. Jondi Lilick’s God of Warfare also appeared, seemingly having the same idea.


González stood up. “Dark Knight battle team captain, González. If you surrender now, I’ll spare your life. If we start fighting, I won’t really know how to hold back.”


As they alighted from the hovercraft, each person was given a hood. When Wang Zheng took it off, he found himself in a sealed room which felt like a laboratory.

  • Even if they met in the main competition, such a psychological disadvantage would see him unable to bring forth his true power. And such a psychological disadvantage could not be erased. At least, at this age, he could not.
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